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Living Greens and Sourdough Bread

It doesn't matter if you're a vegan or paleo or omnivore, Living Food Company is the place to find the most credible, nutritious, flavourful and cleanest food imaginable.

Premium Living Greens

Microgreens are scientifically proven to contain upto 40 times higher in nutrition than their mature counterparts and have been scientifically proven to help fight cancer, aid in weight-loss, improve cardiovascular health, balance hormones and regulate blood sugar levels.

Living Sourdough Breads

Baked at 3 PM and delivered to your home the same evening. Enjoy the freshest and the most healthiest bread in the World. 

Artisan and probiotic, our breads help you achieve superior gut health, resulting in lower cholesterol, heart health, weight management and better immunity. These nutrient dense sourdoughs are an exceptional source of fibre, iron, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid and other B vitamins. 

Living Essentials - Monthly Subscriptions designed to address the basic essentials for a good life, for you and your loved ones. 

Microgreens to correct your nutrition imbalances and boost your performance. Kombucha for essential probiotics required to enhance your gut health. Sourdough Breads to regulate blood sugar levels which helps ward off diseases like Type 2 diabetes. 

Every product is thoroughly quality checked at every step of its lifecycle for superior quality, transparency, and traceability.

Basic Living Greens


Chef Anurudh Khanna, Shangri-La

I'm quite satisfied with the varieties of the living greens and the especially the way they are delivered/packaged is quite good which keeps them quite crisp and also retain the freshness for a larger time.

The flavours are quite robust and refreshing. I think the best thing about the Living food company is that they are better than organic and also the technological edge and the efforts put around to make this very clean and fresh microgreens keep it edgy over the others .The product holds crisp and retains flavours if kept well for days and days.

Simrun Chopra, Nutritionist

Living Greens are very nutrient dense. It’s an easy way to add nutrients to your daily diet. It’s perfect for kids too.

Can’t Thank Living Food Co enough for doing this for Bangalore. I highly recommend checking out Living Food Compamy.

(I hardy very “highly” recommend anything. But it’s worth it)

Chef Anand Kumar, Hilton

I find Living Food Company's products real, crunchy and fresh. They help me to innovate my dishes, enhances their flavour and adds nutrition.

Living Greens are much much better than any other Microgreens. You will only understand when you use it. They are 100% chemical free and use USDA approved seeds. Just cut and use them.

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