Your Monsoon Snack Guide - 4 Classic Monsoon Munchies With A Twist

Your Monsoon Snack Guide - 4 Classic Monsoon Munchies With A Twist

The rains are finally here! Even though we miss the summer, nothing can beat snuggling up with your blanket and watching the rain from your window.  The drop in the temperature makes you feel so cosy. It’s the season that calls for some hot chai and spicy food. Naturally, as Indians, we like to celebrate every season with its seasonal delicacy. Also, who doesn’t want to sit back, relax and enjoy this perfect weather with some hot, mouthwatering snacks? 

To set the mood right, we have come up with 4 classic monsoon favourite munchies but with a delicious twist!

Grilled Corn with Ricotta and Kaffir Lime Chilli Dressing

One cannot say no to the hot grilled corn cobs in this weather. Grilling shucked ears of corn directly over the coal reminds us of our school days- Standing with an umbrella after school and waiting in groups to get the first grilled corn. What a beautiful memory to cherish. It’s your sign to relive that nostalgia with a creamy twist inspired by Elote, Mexican street-style corn. 

Add a layer of creaminess to your favourite grilled corn with a blend of Ricotta cheese spread, cilantro, and our Kaffir Chilli Lime dressing. It’s a mix of sweet, sour, creamy, cheesy and nutty and a little bit of tart. 

Our Ricotta Cheese is a light, creamy and velvety cheese spread made from 100% buffalo milk. It is easily spreadable and gives you a gourmet experience. It tastes delicious with corn and gives you a glorious drippy, cheesy finish. 

Our Kaffir Lime Chilli Dressing has a tangy, zesty and spicy flavour. It has aromatic notes of citrus from the Kaffir Lime, and the olives and fresh herbs add the right tones of flavour to your corn. 

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Keera Vada with Hummus

When you hear the word Chai, you think of another classic snack- Masala Vada! It pairs perfectly with a cup of hot and sweet chai. With spicy and savoury notes, Masala Vadas always win our hearts. We are giving a makeover to this popular street snack with some Spinach and Hummus. The magic of the synergy of foods comes out in this recipe. Here,  Spinach, soaked Mixed Dal, onions and flavourful spices are mixed and rolled into a ball.  They are flattened before deep-frying in pure sunflower oil. It is served with a side of our Classic Hummus. If you're looking for a healthier option, you can either bake it or air-fry it. 

We make our Classic Hummus from mashed chickpeas and fresh homemade tahini, enhanced with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. This gives a special touch to your Vada and keeps you craving for more!

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Pazham Pori with Orange Chilli Dressing

The dark clouds, the sound of the rain drizzling, and the dewy petrichor makes us crave something fried. It is the perfect time to make the all-time favourite Kerala snack- Banana Fritters!

The crunchy, sweet fritters are a pure delight to the senses. It is also known as Pazham Pori. To make this dish, just dip your favourite banana in a sweet and plain rice batter, then deep fry it. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. To add an extra kick to this sweet fritter, serve it with a side of our Orange Chilli Dressing. 

Our refreshing Orange Chilli dressing has a mild kick of red chilli to it. It is freshly made with 100% natural ingredients that are locally sourced. It is a great addition to your fritters, adding a touch of sweetness, zest, and spice.

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Stuffed Bocconcini 

A crispy buttery exterior and a gooey cheesy centre have the power to warm your soul in this rainy weather. Also, who can resist the incredible cheese pull? It’s a classic American sandwich with an Italian twist, made with buttered and toasted Sourdough bread loaded with different kinds of cheese like Cheddar, Mozzarella, Gouda and Olive Stuffed Bocconcini. This dish is so good that you won’t want to let go of it. 

The Olive Stuffed Bocconcini from our Fresh Cheese Collective are small bites of fresh mozzarella stuffed with Italian olives. It has a refreshing creamy and soft outside and juicy olives inside. Adding it to your sandwich will make it gourmet and irresistible. 

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This chilly weather demands some delicious homemade treats. Listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops, enjoy the cool breeze, and make the most out of the rainy day with a cup of piping hot tea and these amazingly tasty and easy-to-make snacks.

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