Celebrate With Living Foods

Celebrate With Living Foods

Living Kombucha is handcrafted by the master brewers using the finest and freshest tea in India. Our Tea and our unique authentic brewing techniques differentiate this Kombucha from the rest. 


This produce is grown in a premium high-grade Aquaponics farm with no chemical pesticides, fertilisers or soil contamination. Delivered to you fresh from Farm to Fork.

A traditional German fruitcake with an elegant taste, the Stollen is a Christmas staple. It includes a rich filling of almond paste (or marzipan), which adds to the decadence of the bread-like cake.

Flavoured with nuts and dried fruits, and with a generous serving of homemade marzipan, this bread is perfect as a sweet treat or festive breakfast. 

Celebrate your special moments with these wholesome, handcrafted, decadent cakes. The perfect choice for Birthdays, Parties, Anniversaries or even Gifting to your loved ones.

Made with the goodness of our special wholesome Gluten-Free Flour. 


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