Diwali Gifting Guide: Shop Our Bestsellers

Diwali Gifting Guide: Shop Our Bestsellers

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The Perfect Diwali Gift Box

A limited edition, specially curated Luxury Diwali Gift Box, featuring freshly baked Plant-based & Gluten-Free Gourmet Desserts. It's the perfect healthy indulgence for the festive season. 

This exclusive Luxury Diwali Gift Box contains the following:

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake (300 gms)

This baked blueberry cheesecake is absolutely irresistible. It starts with a buttery biscuit base, then a creamy homemade cashew cream cheesecake, topped with freshly made sweet and tangy blueberry compote.

Vegan Nut Crackers Cake (425 gms)

A sinfully rich dark chocolate cake with a surprise caramel infusion inside, glazed with roasted almond gourmand glaze, garnished with hand-painted gold chocolate discs and crunchy almond praline.

Vegan Walnut Brownie (250 gms)

Made with cocoa powder and toasted walnuts, this moist, fudgy and dark chocolate brownie is a classic dessert loved by all, embellished with a gold hand-painted diya to make your Diwali even more special.

Vegan Cashew Cookies (10 pack 150 gms)

A handful of ingredients make this cookie what it is. Buttery, sweet and salty cashew cookies from our oven to your doorstep, with bits of cashews to make every bite more delightful

Vegan & Gluten-Free Fruit and Nut Discs (5 pack 70 gms)

A mouthwatering combination of toasted almonds and cashew with a burst of sweetness from raisins, on a rich dark chocolate disc, brings back your childhood memories. This is a great gluten-free dessert.

Vegan & Gluten-Free Stuffed Dates (6 pack 110 gms)

These decadent stuffed dates are filled with luscious flavours like chocolate ganache, peanuts butter and coconut-walnut. They are coated with dark chocolate and topped with praline, toasted coconut and crunchy walnuts. These bite-sized flavour bombs are an easy option as a gluten-free dessert as well. 

100% Vegan | 100% Eggless


Vegan, Gluten Free & Sugar Free Cakes

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