Introducing Future Of Food: Living Aquaponic Supergreens

Introducing Future Of Food: Living Aquaponic Supergreens

Your health is our priority.

To ensure that you get the most nutrient-rich, fresh food with no chemical pesticides, we have introduced Aquaponically grown Supergreens.




What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics means growing vegetables in clean, filtered water with fish as the main source of nutrition.
Fish live inside clean water tanks and are fed organic food. As fish eat and produce waste, that becomes the perfect and the safest fertilizer for growing vegetables.

Aquaponics is the most natural and purest ecosystem as it is a symbiotic relationship between water, aquatic life, nutrient dynamics and plants.

The produce does not contain any chemical pesticides and is safe from soil contamination.


How does it work?

Fish are farmed in a clean water tank and fed purely organic food. 


The Ammonia from fish waste is fed into the plant roots. Ammonia and micro-organisms together produce the most nutritious fertiliser for vegetables to grow. 


Healthy, happy and nutrient-dense veggies are produced in the most environmentally sustainable way.


Why Aquaponics matters?

It is the safest way of growing clean, fresh food. Even organically grown food can contain harmful chemicals due to soil and groundwater pollution.

Aquaponics and hydroponics prevent contamination and are better than organic. Giving you exactly what the human body needs to fight infections and boost immunity.

It uses 90% less water and less land to grow crops, making it pure and clean for you and the planet earth.


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