The Best Plum Cake In Bengaluru

The Best Plum Cake In Bengaluru

What’s Christmas without the aroma of rich spices in the air and the bite of a rich, decadent plum cake. Packed with deliciously soaked dried fruits and nuts, no December is complete without a bite of this holiday classic. 

But if you want your Christmas to be extra special this year, try our Christmas Plum Cake. This masterfully made handcrafted dessert uses the original century-old recipe to get the flavour and festive spirit exactly right. 

We begin preparations a year in advance to make our densely packed Christmas Plum Cake. At the traditional soaking of the fruits, a medley of colourful currants, raisins, sultanas and dates are mixed by hand into a potent potion of fine brandy, whiskey and rum. Over months, these dried fruits are infused with a deep malty note that adds the signature touch to plum cakes. 

Once they’re plump with flavour, come Christmas time, the fruits are carefully baked into a dark, caramelly cake that’s packed with aromatic spices.

But the icing on the cake is the baking process itself. To get the authentic flavour right, we bake our Christmas Plum Cake in a roaring wood-fired clay oven for close to an hour. Skilled hands tend to the oven that glows red with burning logs. When the heat is right, the cake is placed inside and baked until it is perfectly done, with a firm crust and a moist centre. The cake fills the air with the familiar warmth of holiday spices, and that is when the artisans know the cake is ready. Once cooled, we’re left with a dark, rich, almost chocolate coloured cake with a heady smoky touch. 

With every cake being handcrafted by traditional bakers who’ve been doing it for years, each creation is rich with tradition, flavour and most importantly, love. Unlike the identical factory-made cakes, the Christmas Plum Cake by Living Food Company stands out for its character. 

There truly is no comparison to the experience of eating this caramelly, aromatic, moist Christmas Plum Cake. It is a labour of love and the only plum cake you need this season to celebrate the end of another eventful year. 

You can serve it slightly warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or even serve it with a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. Why not pour a glass of wine to round off the indulgence! With this cake, you can make your holiday parties around the Christmas tree a success and add oomph to your festivities.  

At Living Food, we make each cake fresh to order so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Christmas without additives and preservatives. 

These delicious plum cakes are now available for pre-order, along with our Christmas range. Don’t miss your chance to dig into the finest, handcrafted Christmas Plum Cakes baked by the best in town.

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