The Perfect Gifts For Everyone

The Perfect Gifts For Everyone

A refreshing and creamy cake with layers of fluffy vanilla sponge with a delicious strawberry compote and vanilla whipped cream. 

Celebrate your special moments with these wholesome, handcrafted, decadent cakes. The perfect choice for Birthdays, Parties, Anniversaries or even Gifting to 


Deliciously moist chocolate cupcakes, topped with smooth coffee buttercream and garnished with a fondant coffee bean

Made with the goodness of our special wholesome Gluten-Free Flour. Our Gluten-Free flour is a wholesome mix of Amaranth, Almond, Brown Rice and Lentil Flour.

This Vegan Vanilla and Walnut Tea Cake is Dairy-Free, Plant-based and made with Wholesome ingredients.

A light and delicious accompaniment to your tea or coffee and perfect for those dessert cravings. 

Delivered to you freshly baked from our oven to your table.


A buttery, flaky crust enclosed with the soft and wonderful taste of luscious baked Apples and Cinnamon. Made with the finest ingredients for an elegant and heart-warming taste. Enjoy this quintessential Vegan Apple Pie with Tea, Coffee or as a perfect finish to any meal.

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