The Weekly Pick - Whats New at Living Foods

The Weekly Pick - Whats New at Living Foods

More Power to your Day

Get ready to rock your day with a hearty brekkie. Try a slice of our toasted Sourdough Bread with our signature dips for pure awesomeness.  


Sourdough Microgreens Toast

What's on the Calendar?

A lazy brunch? TGIF dinner plans? Weekend Date Night-in? Order our Showstoppers in advance for a magical treat.

Pasta sauces spreads all natural



Fun Food for the kids

A taste explosion of fresh fruit, oat clusters and choco-chips. Featuring Locally grown millets, roasted nuts and seeds for Vegan & Gluten-Free Awesomeness. Fun & Wholesome.
Breakfast cereals, oats, ragi, multigrain muesli


In-betweeners Sorted

Snack in-between meals with our healthy millet crackers, pair them with our freshly made dips & top it with our Living Microgreens. Nourishing & Wholesome.

Vegan Freshly baked Crackers



FEATURED: Freshly-made Classic Basil Pesto

A premium handcrafted Pesto with fresh Basil, Pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, blended to perfection with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Basil Pesto Classic Freshly made


FEATURED: Living Microgreens

Farm-fresh Living microgreens delivered every week with roots intact. 40x higher in Nutrition than regular vegetables


Microgreens micro greens nutrition antioxidants


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