The Women Behind the Scenes: Changing the Terrain, One Woman at a Time

The Women Behind the Scenes: Changing the Terrain, One Woman at a Time

A tip of the hat to the women entrepreneurs who fill our ranks with their drive, genius and innovation.

It’s no secret that there is great gender disparity in the world of business and industry. For as long as there have been men in power, women’s contributions have gone largely unrecognized and side-lined. This needs to change, and the change begins with us – here and now.

We are adamant believers in absurdly fresh produce that paves the way for a better tomorrow. The best part? Women are revolutionizing the future of food and we are proud to say that they have built the cornerstone of our business. Our product arsenal is majorly comprised of women-led enterprises and we are constantly in awe of their dedication and compassion. 

Our Vendors and Who They Are

Here’s a quick snapshot of these remarkable creators:

Donna Pastaia

When most were floundering during the lockdown, these brave women paved their own path with beautifully handcrafted, artisanal pastas. Despite the hardships in front of them they pushed on to give their customers something to smile about at the end of the day.
As per their own words “As women, we have a tendency to underestimate and undervalue ourselves especially as we get stuck in the daily grind of running our lovely families. We've started this business in our late 30s with two kids each, and if we can do it all of us can.”


Millie's Kitchen

A firm believer in plant-based foods and healthier living, she began her journey in an attempt to share with the world a chance at a healthier life for other people’s families just as her own has. The Living Food Company finds Millie’s Kitchen to be a true pillar of the business thanks to a shared vision for clean, natural and wholesome products as well as a drive to bring about much-needed change in this space.

“Believe in yourself and walk at your pace. Find ways to break through barriers without compromising your values…” says Millie.


Shanti’s Kitchen

Age is just a number, a statement for which Shanti Kishore is living proof. A mother of two and running the family, she independently runs a home kitchen called ‘Shanti’s Kitchen’. Forging her business out of the ashes of an ongoing pandemic, she finds inspiration every day to continue thanks to very supportive customers.

Her advice to young women entrepreneurs, “GO FOR IT! And this is my answer to anyone (any gender), to just go for it. You will never know whether it will work or not unless you give it a shot.”


Vini’s Foods

With a brand centred around fresh, preservative-free pasta sauces, Vini’s Foods is all about bringing a higher degree of awareness and health to society at large. Thanks to positive responses from customers and an ever-growing fanbase, Vini’s proves the truth in the old adage of ‘Where there is a will there's a way.’

Vini’s message is, “Keep the faith, be persistent, believe in your idea and actions.”


Shilpa Mogilishetty Co-founded Jus’ Amazin Foods and Beverages with her husband in an attempt to find solutions to the dearth of 100 per cent natural foods in the market. Driven every day by the belief that their business idea solves a problem and gives people a choice at a better diet, Shilpa knows there is a difference to be made. The kitchen project organically grew from a relentless passion into a successful business.

Shilpa’s advice for aspiring business women is, “It isn’t easy being an entrepreneur, there will always be people who will question the viability of your idea. But if you are convinced then stick with it and back yourself.”


Crave By Leena

Leena Mathai started her vegan journey back in 2015 in an attempt to find a tasty yet healthier choice for her little one. Now one of the most popular vegan brand choices for many Bangaloreans, she finds inspiration each day in her passion for baked goods and a drive to change the social stigma of vegan goods.

“Success may not be overnight; the key is to hold on to it until you make it.” Says Leena.

Monika Manchanda

The co-creator of the traditional probiotic drink, Kaanji, Monika Manchanda is an entrepreneur in every meaning of the word. Driven by the desire to spread her vast knowledge of the culinary arts and sharing her love for food, Monika continues to as she puts it, ‘Survive the mad rush.’

It is her view that regardless of how strong or independent you are, it never hurts to ask for help. More than anything she is a realist in that sense. “Be resilient, be passionate! Network, seek mentors and ask for help.”

These are the women who have powered our success and are trailblazers in every sense of the word. Isn’t it ironic that "such a girl" means not doing a good job of something (equating it to be a weak action) when in reality doing things like "such a girl" means that all jobs are done much better?

We loudly proclaim that Living Food Company loves doing things like #SuchAGirl. We believe in a world led by women and supporting them in every way possible. Happy International Women’s Day EVERYDAY.

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