Top 5 Fruits To Eat This Season (And Best Ways To Enjoy Them)

Top 5 Fruits To Eat This Season (And Best Ways To Enjoy Them)

Imagine the feeling of biting into a plump strawberry. Or filling the air with the citrusy aroma of a freshly peeled orange. Remember when you and your family were sitting around a dining table and relishing sweet black grapes? Moments like these make up some of the fondest memories of childhood.

Each season of the year brings with it an array of beautiful fresh fruits. And with the winter, come our favourite fruits. From Strawberries to Oranges to Kiwi, Black Grapes, Apple Ber and more, this is a great time to eat fresh and seasonal and even experiment with new recipes.

Here are the top picks in fruits to make your winter the best!  


Make Strawberries Your Best Friend

The all-time favourite strawberries are among the most loved winter fruits, and the best ones are hand-picked and freshly harvested from local farms. Bite into one of these plump and juicy red berries, and you'll get a big burst of sweetness. Make mouthwatering desserts, blend into a smoothie, dip them in dark chocolate, or top your buttery toasts with them. Not to forget the pleasure of just biting into some sweet strawberries! 

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Relish The Citrusy Goodness of Oranges

This tangy and juicy fruit is at its best during the winters. With Nagpur bringing us the best of the best, these oranges are sweet and burst in your mouth with juicy flavour and a pleasant citrusy aroma. Packed with Vitamin C, these fruits are excellent at keeping you in good health too. They make for a perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack at work, or home and the fibre helps keep you full for long. Blend it into a juice, add it to your desserts for a flavour punch or make delicious mocktails.

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Kiwi To Rescue

Soft and brown from the outside, Kiwi’s have bright green flesh inside. They are juicy and refreshing with a sweet and tart flavour. Known as power fruits, kiwis are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. The vibrant green slices speckled with crunchy tiny black seeds have always worked wonders in adding a vibrant touch to desserts and fruit bowls. Blend them into a simple smoothie, an easy ice cream or a rich fruit salad to round off your meal.

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Bite Into Some Crunchy Apple Ber

Popularly known as Jujubes, Apple Bers are juicy, sweet and crunchy winter fruits. They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, making them a delicious and healthy snackable fruit. Apple Bers have a crispy white flesh with a smooth, glossy green exterior. They are slightly tart with a juicy apple-like texture and a pleasant aroma. Eat the fruit, as it is, use them to make delicious jams or toss it in your salads for a sweet twist.

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Juicy Black Grapes For All!

These winter fruits are deliciously sweet and juicy. Black grapes are a great source of energy and fibre and they even protect you from seasonal ills. Go ahead and add them to your shakes & smoothies for a burst of refreshing sweet flavour, place them in your cheese platter for a pop of colour and taste, toss them into your salads or prepare scrumptious desserts out of them. 

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Make the most delicious fruit recipes or have them as it is, but make sure you try them all because they’re only here for a limited time when they’re in season. These organic, naturally ripened, freshly harvested fruits are available here. Let us know your favourite seasonal fruits and the recipes you make with them in the comments below!

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