Ugly Delicious - What Happens To The Imperfect Produce? 

Ugly Delicious - What Happens To The Imperfect Produce? 

Did you know that out of every 10 perfectly ripe fruits, 4 go to waste. Why? Because they aren’t picture perfect! That’s all. That’s the cause of about 40% of all food being wasted in India and across the globe.

In our country, the rich heritage and diverse cultures have many dishes that use all parts of the vegetable, letting nothing go to waste. Every underripe, ripe and overripe fruit has a use. Not to mention the funny looking ones. Can you imagine your grandma treating this carrot differently from any other? Infact, she’d be overjoyed that she found two for the price of one!

Everything you order from Living Food benefits farmers, helps prevent food waste, and ultimately helps save our environment. Our direct relationship with organic farmers play a big part in this. 

We are and have always been, proud champions of sustainability. We’ve taken many initiatives to solve this food waste crisis. Not only do we create short supply chains that ensure you get the freshest product home-delivered, but we also support healthy farming practices and most importantly, help reduce food waste. 

We offer a full lineup of carefully curated products that are made using the best produce. And sometimes these fruits and vegetables may be a little imperfect but always delicious. And that helps build a less wasteful world.

The thing is, as modern consumers, we are used to picking fruits off supermarket shelves that are perfectly shaped, shiny, and completely free of dents and bruises. And this behaviour results in fruits that are perfectly good to eat but are slightly misshapen, being directly thrown in the trash or left to rot in the fields.  

So we started the wave of transformation by doing one simple thing. We take in high-quality organic produce that sometimes looks a little different. Fruits and veggies that are too big, too small, or just sort of funny-looking. 

We treat these ‘ugly’ fruits with love and care to create some of our most delicious products like mango shrikhand, black carrot preserve and tomato salsa. All made from fresh, perfect ingredients that may be just slightly quirky looking.

Not only does this prevent food waste, it also gives our trusted partners assurance and additional revenue for produce that would ordinarily have been counted under wastage. 

Rest assured, every product you buy from us goes a long way in promoting sustainability in all its forms. 

So this Earth Day, take a bite to save our planet. 

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