Your perfect companion for #ToastTuesday

Your perfect companion for #ToastTuesday

Artisan Sourdough Loaves (up to 450 gm each) delivered every week. Baked at 3 pm and delivered by 7 pm the same day.

Our sourdough is the healthiest and the most nutritious bread in the world. Baked the good old traditional way using German baking techniques, these sourdough loaves are hearty, fresh and full of flavour. Made with real ingredients for real taste and health. 

Baked with no oil, no milk, no sugar and without any commercial yeast, try these sourdough breads today. 


The varieties include: 


Country Plain

100% Whole Wheat

Olives and Rosemary

Cranberry and Walnut

Ten Grains and 5 seeds

Crushed Pepper and Parmesan

Sundried Tomatoes  and Jalapeños



Probiotic  |  No Oil, Milk  |  No Added Sugar  |  No Commercial Yeast  |  Naturally Fermented  |  No Preservatives



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