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Assorted Peanut Butter Gift Box

Jus Amazin

Rs. 400.00

This assorted peanut butter gift box is an ideal for anyone who's seeking to gift a loved one a delicious and nutritious treat, or for a peanut/peanut butter lover. The box has a mix of all delicious peanut butters namely Peanut Butter Sweet 'N' Salty, Peanut Butter With Crunchy Flax And Sunflower Seeds, Peanut Butter Choco Delight and Peanut Butter All Natural (Unsweetened). Our peanut butters are made with 100% organic ingredients.  


WEIGHT: 220g

HOW TO USE: These peanut butters are perfect to be used as a spread on toast, it can be added to your oatmeal, cereal, smoothie or even enrich your fruit intake such as bananas or apples. It's a brilliant choice to get your kids their daily dose of nuts and seeds, for fitness enthusiasts as pre-workout or post work out snack, high protein diet, people with dairy allergy and for foodies. For vegans and bakers, it is a must-have ingredient.


Peanut Butter Sweet "N" Salty: Organic Peanuts, Organic Jaggery, Organic Rock Salt, Peanut Butter With Crunchy Flax And Sunflower Seeds: Organic Peanuts, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Jaggery, Organic Rock Salt, Peanut Butter Choco Delight: Organic Peanuts, Organic Raw Cacao, Organic Jaggery, Organic Raw Sugar, Peanut Butter All Natural (Unsweetened): Organic Peanuts