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Herbed Garlic Loaf

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Artisanal Loaf flavoured with Sun-dried Bell peppers, Garlic & Thyme. Great for sandwiches or consume as is for a flavourful hearty bite. Try it with our Classic Basil Pesto for a winning combination.

Freshly baked and delivered directly from our Oven to your doorstep.

How To Use: Garlic bread is a classic accompaniment to almost any kind of soup or stew. Pair it with your pastas, salads and as a base for sandwiches. Also makes for excellent croutons.

Ingredients: Refined Flour, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Gluten, Calcium Propionate, Water, Bread Improvers - Starch, Anti-oxidants, Emulsifiers, Enzymes, Sun dried Bell peppers, Garlic & Thyme.

Freshly Baked

Shelf Life: 5 days from date of Manufacture

Weight: 280gms

Made by: Rassba Farms