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Green Mustard Microgreens

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Mustard Microgreens are one of the most flexible microgreens in terms of growth and nutrition. They mostly germinate in cool temperatures but grow fine with heat as well really from 10-20°C. Microgreen mustard seeds produce mildly spicy, tender, succulent microgreens that add mild horseradish flavour to salads and blends. A superb source of carotene and antioxidants, as well as a host of vitamins and minerals. Mustard microgreens are green in colour.



Calories: 18  |  Dietary fibers: 3.9g  |  Vitamin A: 211%  |  Vitamin C: 135%

Calcium: 180mg  |  Proteins: 3.8g  |  Iron: 2.9mg  |  Magnesium: 117.5mg


As always, no GMOs, no pesticides, no herbicides

All Plant Pads are biodegradable and compostable

Note: All orders (Except for subscriptions) will take 7-12 days for delivery since we plant them for you as and when you place the order. This is to ensure that our relationship with you is sustainable and doesn’t lead to food wastage.