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Butter Croissant - Freshly Baked (Box of 2/ Box of 4)

Living Food Company

Rs. 200.00

Buttery, flakey and light in texture, our croissants have an open, deliciously beautiful honeycomb center. Handcrafted using the best, premium ingredients, they are fluffy and soft with a melt-in-your-mouth character. 

Available as a Box of 2 or Box of 4. Please take your pick from the drop-down menu.

Delivered Freshly Baked from our Oven to your Home! Please note we bake only on order and take at least 48 hours for all orders.

How to Use: Pair them with cheese, jam, fresh fruits or honey. Or with your choice of chocolate, nut butters, tea/ coffee.

Ingredients: White flour, water, eggs, butter, sugar, active dry yeast and salt.

Weight: 55 grams per piece

*Contains Dairy and Eggs.