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Natural Lavendar Extract - 110 ml

Living Food Company

Rs. 499.00

Natural Lavendar Extract - 110 ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Experience the floral aroma and evocative flavour of Natural Lavender. An all natural extract without any synthetic or artificial ingredients, this is an extremely versatile and elegant ingredient. Just a touch of Lavender goes a long way.

How to Use: Ready to use - add it to your bakes, pies, custard or even yogurt for a refreshing, heady taste and aroma. Add a drop of it to your evening tea for the ultimate soothing experience or in salads for an exquisite flavour. For Baking - use 1 tsp in 1 kg of ingredients.

Ingredients: Natural Lavendar Extract, Lavender Oil, Glycerol

Weight: 110 ml

Made by: Sprig