Sango Radish Microgreens

Sango Radish Microgreens

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The flavor of all purple sango microgreens is almost identical to the root, with the benefit of growing extremely quickly. This prolific grower can produce almost a 100gms of greens on one Plant Pad in only 6 days. Its flavor is sweet and spicy and is extremely versatile.


These radish greens can be pickled with carrots to use on banh mi sandwiches, sprinkled over sashimi, or fermented with Napa cabbage to make Korean kimchi. You can also try replacing cabbage with daikon greens to make a much more interesting coleslaw. Since it has a juicy crunch and packs a ton of flavor, we like to use it as a "natural dressing" on salads and skip the oil and vinegar. 


Sango Radish greens are loaded with nutrients including Vitamin A, which is essential for eye health, and more Vitamin C than the root. These greens also have the ability to aid digestion, thanks to an enzyme called diastase



Calories: 22  |  Dietary fibers: 7.7g  |  Vitamin A: 216%  |  Vitamin C: 204%

Calcium: 136mg  |  Proteins: 4.2g  |  Iron: 4.6mg  |  Magnesium: 112.8mg


As always, no GMOs, no pesticides, no herbicides

All Plant Pads are biodegradable and compostable

Note: All orders (Except for subscriptions) will take 7-12 days for delivery since we plant them for you as and when you place the order. This is to ensure that our relationship with you is sustainable and doesn’t lead to food wastage.