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Smoked Aam Panna Concentrate

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Smoked Aam Panna Concentrate - Delivery available only in Bangalore

A traditional, authentic Aam Panna concentrate made with plump Kairis (raw mangoes), fire-roasted till the skin is charred and the rustic smoky aroma permeates through the pulp. Our version of Aam Panna is flavored with a signature blend of toasted spices, making it a perfect khatta-meetha summer cooler.

How to Use: Add 1 part squash to 2 parts chilled water or club soda for a refreshing summer beverage or shake it in a cocktail. What more? Use it as a glaze for paneer or fish or drizzle it on a cool salad as a dressing.

Ingredients:  Raw Mango, Raw Sugar, Cumin, Byadgi Chilli, Rock Salt

Shelf Life: 3 months. Refrigerate after opening.

Weight: 300 ml