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Fresh Mango Ginger (Organic)

Living Food Company

Rs. 40.00

Our Organic Fresh Mango Ginger is zesty, mildly sweet with subtle earthy floral and pepper overtones, similar to raw mango. Tender and Flavourful, it will add a delicious touch to all recipes that call for Mango Ginger - from curries, stir-fries, stews to soups, immunity boosting tea, pickles & chutneys.

Mango Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. It’s been used to aid digestion, help fight the flu and common cold, as an anti-bacterial and as a popular detox. Try our Organic and Freshly harvested Mango Ginger for a premium taste.

This produce is grown in a premium high-grade Organic farm with no chemical pesticides, fertilisers or soil contamination. Delivered to you fresh from Farm to Fork.

We harvest our produce to order for maximum nutrition, freshness and flavor! Thank you for supporting Sustainable Agriculture.

*Please note we deliver based on location and on pre-order.

How to Use: Can be used raw or cooked in a wide variety of dishes.