Earth's finest Microgreens and Herbs, Better than Organic


We are an Agri-Tech company producing and selling the most nutritious and freshest food in the world, directly to our consumers. Our cutting-edge climate controlled hydroponics and aeroponics farms are designed to eliminate soil contamination, enhance nutrition and preserve taste and flavour - making us one of the first climate-smart and sustainable farms in the country. 

We are backed by a great community of hospitality firms, chefs, restaurants and individual households  : 

a) Embassy Group - WeWork, Lounge Hospitality, Sriracha, Sanchez.

b) Azure Hospitality - Sly Granny, Mamagoto, Foxtrot and more.

c) AD Singh’s Olive Group - Toast & Tonic, Fatty Bao, Olive Bar and more.

d) Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts 

e) Hilton Group Of Hotels

+ 1000 Subscribers, Bangalore's top 50 Chefs and Restaurants, India's Top 7 Restaurants. 

We are 100% chemical free and our precision farming techniques result in consistent, 3X faster crop cycles than traditional farming. Our products are better than organic and are good for you and the planet. Please find attached our updated deck and user testimonials.

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