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Why Living Food Company? 

Living Food Company is the place to find the most credible, nutritious, flavourful and the cleanest superfoods imaginable. Our products are 100% chemical free and good for you and the planet.  

Our Microgreens are better than organic and farmed hydroponically, using only clean drinking water. Our Sourdough breads are baked without any oil, milk, sugar or harmful preservatives. It is baked fresh at 3 pm and delivered to your home same day fresh from the oven. 

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What are microgreens? Why should I eat them?

Microgreens are 7-10 day old baby greens that are upto 40 times higher in nutrition than mature vegetables. We grow our greens hydroponically with only clean drinking water and without any chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. Our living greens taste amazingly fresh, highly flavourful and are a fun way to incorporate healthy eating in your regular meals. 

They have been scientifically proven to prevent cancer, boost immunity and promote overall health. The cleanest and the freshest food in the world. 



What is the difference between Basic Living Greens Plan and Premium Living Greens Plan?

The Basic Living Greens subscription comprises of the Indian varieties of Microgreens that are the healthiest source of nutrition. These include Green Mustard, Pink Radish, Pok Choi, Peas, Clover and Yellow Corn. 

The Premium Living Greens subscription includes the most nutritient-dense supergreens from around the world. This exotic greens package includes Broccoli, Mizuna (Japanese Mustard), Arugula, Red Kale, Red Cabbage, Sango Radish, Purple Basil among many others. 



When will I get my first delivery? 

We usually take between 7-10 days to deliver your first set of microgreens. We custom farm the microgreens for every order to ensure you get the freshest produce. 



How do I store my microgreens? How can I best take care of them?

You can store your microgreens indoors, in a cool place with some diffused lighting. Please don’t store them in direct sunlight. Do sprinkle water on them twice a day. You can also cut the microgreens above the roots and store them in an airtight box inside the refrigerator to make them last longer. 



How can I consume microgreens? 

The microgreens we deliver are ready-to-eat and for you to harvest in your kitchen. We deliver the microgreens with roots intact so you get the freshest food in the world. 

You can cut it and put it in all of your meals. You can also follow our Instagram page for creative ideas and recipes about microgreens.