Love this Bengaluru startup  with a single minded focus on coming up with health boosting product ideas, innovative and eco-friendly packaging. I’m always happy to give them a shout out on social Media because we need to encourage such businesses that are good for us and gentle on the planet. (not sponsored)

Nandita Iyer, Verified Customer

These guys know their stuff! Frankly I shouldn’t be writing a good review because of the kilos that I have put on. Thanks to their delicious vegan butter that I end up finishing in 2days :) the sourdough bread is fab - all 3 of them. Rosemary and olive is a must try! What sets them apart is the amazing service and their prompt responses. Looking forward to trying their other products.

Saroj Kashyap, Verified Customer

WOW! What an awesome company! We have been waiting for something like this to appear in Bangalore for such a long time. The quality of the produce is amazing and always super fresh and tasty. The customer service is equally impressive!! Really excited to try the Kombucha next! Highly recommend Living food company

Katie Ravindranath, Verified Customer

Their products are fresh and of top quality.  The micro-greens, and other leafy greens like lettuces and spinach and tofu (that I’ve ordered so far) have more than met my expectations.  They are well and cleanly packaged.  The greens are fresh and crunchy and I loved it the way the leafy greens come wrapped in banana leaves and the micro greens in a natural base.  They also advise you on how best to store them...it’s not just about making a sale, they go the extra mile, they care.

Sakhina Sridharan, Verified Customer

Add customeLiving Greens are very nutrient dense. It’s an easy way to add nutrients to your daily diet. It’s perfect for kids too. I really enjoy sourdough bread from Living Food. I'm gluten intolerant but Living Sourdough suits me as it has no preservatives or chemicals at all. Can’t Thank Living Food Co enough for doing this for Bangalore. I highly recommend checking out Living Food Company. (I hardy very “highly” recommend anything. But it’s worth it)r reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Simrun Chopra, Verified Customer

This is one homegrown Indian brand committed to delivering high quality products and experience. I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered from them. Their Greens are amazing and wide-ranging to suit every palate. Their sourdoughs are some of the best in town - do try their cranberry walnut and 10 grains ones, both my faves! My favourite however, is their Darjeeling black tea kombucha. 

Anisha Padhee, Verified Customer

I just love their greens. Fresh, clean and comes packed with so much care. Whenever I open the delivered package, it is such a refreshing feeling. My wife loves them. Our neighbours are also surprised at the quality of products. We are subscribing their greens and it's one of the best decisions we took! Using them in everything from salads, dals, dressing for the veggies. Excellent customer care. They have got a very happy and satisfied customer in me.

Jyoti Prakash Kurmi, Verified Customer

Living good company is not just about great, fresh produce and breads, but also incredible service. We started with micro greens and now we are on their bread subscription and we love the convenience of it. We look forward to their bread delivery every week! Thank you for these pleasures in these difficult times.

Anjali Neelakantan, Verified Customer

Started getting greens, sourdough bread and the jam from Living foods. Fantastic quality and the best sourdough bread that I got so far in Bangalore! Thanks to INK Feliow Deepak for introducing me to this concept. Now Vipasha  ordered it for her mom and I am planning to take one box of Living Greens to everyone at work.

Lakshmi Pratury, Verified Customer

Extremely diligent service and quality of food ... I have tried their veggies and bakery products and they were of fantastic quality. I was also really happy with the quality of their service for delivering as well as quality control.

Aveejeet Palit, Verified Customer