World’s Finest Tea Collection

Established in 1859, Makaibari is the oldest tea factory in the world. It is the first ever organic and biodynamic tea estate in the world. Since then, it has become the world’s most coveted tea that has been featured in the most prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, TIME, Washington Post, and Mint. 

In 1912, when the Indian tea industry was predominantly British, PC Chatterjee founded Luxmi Tea as a symbol of defiance against the Raj. As a part of the Satyagraha movement, he started cultivating tea independently on a piece of land in Tripura with other members of the Indian freedom movement - students from Bengal and Assam joining in eventually.

What was then called the Indian Tea and Provisions has, in over a century, become the Luxmi group that owns the world’s top 25 tea estates and grows some of the finest teas in the world. With a huge focus on communities and sustainability, every worker at Luxmi is a skilled artisan with generations of experience guiding them to source only the best.

With the belief that “Healthy soil is healthy mankind”, the pioneer of organic biodynamic agriculture, Rajah Banerjee put things in motion over 40 years ago. While retaining over 70% of the virgin forest area with hundreds of indigenous birds, animals, and insects that are found nowhere else on the planet, Makaibari, through its farming practices has created a healthier ecosystem. This then results in the most flavorful and exquisite teas that are loved by royal families around the world. This line by the legend himself beautifully summarises the need for going organic.

Fragrant astringent fine leaves create this spring tea. This tea is produced at dawn after a short wither. Cup quality creates a light bright intensity with a greenish overtone. The first sip offers a smooth delicate feel with a hint of peach. The follow note is led by a sharp, brief bout of astringency. This combines to create a genteel fruit and floral note.

With our belief of providing only the best for Indian consumers, this was an obvious partnership. We at Living Food Company firmly believe in providing fresh and credible food that is good for you and right for planet Earth. Through this partnership, we bring the world’s most iconic teas, handpicked directly from the tea gardens for the ultimate farm-to-cup experience. Because we deserve only the best.