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Almond Croissant - Freshly Baked (Box of 2/ Box of 4)

Living Food Company

Rs. 340.00

Buttery, fluffy and light in texture, our croissants have an open, deliciously beautiful honeycomb center. Filled with a nutty, mildly sweet almond paste and topped with Almond flakes for an unforgettable flavour. 

Handcrafted using the best, premium ingredients, they are flaky and soft with a melt-in-your-mouth character.

Available as a Box of 2 or Box of 4. Please take your pick from the drop-down menu.

Delivered Freshly Baked from Oven to your Home! Please note we bake only on order and take at least 48 hours for all orders.

How to Use: Pair them with your choice of fresh fruits, chocolate, nut butters, tea/ coffee. Great to have as an all-time Snack or for breakfast.

Ingredients: Refined Wheat flour, almond powder, water, eggs, butter, sugar, active dry yeast and salt.

Weight: 76 grams per piece

*Contains Dairy and Eggs.