Makaibari Tea

Tea Treasures - Bai Mu Dan, Darjeeling Peony White Tea (Makaibari Estate)

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Freshly Plucked and harvested from Makaibari Estate, renowned as the Best Darjeeling Estate in the World.

The Tea Treasures Series, is the finest of the finest.

A high order Green Tea, known as White Peony in the region of Fujian. The freshest, smallest two leaves and a bud are plucked from deep within the lush forests of Makaibari. Amidst pristine Himalayan forests, this Makaibari tea is grown in perfect harmony with nature, in a fully sustainable, organic and biodynamic manner.

Bai Mu Dan presents a delicate light green leaves with perfect fluffy bud. It has a pale apple-green colour with a slightly sweet and well-rounded hints of gooseberry and honey.

Enjoy the mystical, magical herb that warms the heart with the Spirit of Makaibari.

Brewing Instructions : Rinse the tea pot with warm water, add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. Gently pour hot water ideally at 90° C. Steep for 3 minutes before straining & serve. Add a dash of honry/mint/lime as preferred.

Weight : 25 grams

Shelf Life : Best before 24 months from packed date