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Organic Brinjal- Big Purple

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Organic Brinjal- Big Purple is only available for delivery in Bangalore


The vibrant smooth purple-skinned organically grown brinjals are soft and spongy in texture. The flesh turns out to be buttery once cooked, absorbing all the flavours it gets cooked with. They are power-packed with anthocyanin pigment with high antioxidants.

We harvest our produce to order for maximum nutrition, freshness and flavour! Thank you for supporting Sustainable Agriculture.

  • Farm to Fork
  • No soil contamination
  • Organic
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Sustainable Agriculture

How to Use:  Roast them with garlic for delicious buttery bharta, add them to curries, fill them with powdered peanuts and spice mix for serve with boiled rice and ghee.

Weight: 1 pcs ( 350 grams - 450 grams )