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Buttermilk and Millets Crackers: Caramalized Onions

Monsoon Harvest

Rs. 150.00

These buttermilk and millet caramelised onion crackers are made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients and make a great addition to your day. The protein and fibre in these crackers, combined with a signature crunchy texture, can help you feel full and keep you satisfied longer. Oven-roasted to a perfect crisp, they are a delicious accompaniment to artisan cheeses, delicious dips or simply eaten alone. 


WEIGHT: 100 grams


HOW TO USE: To be eaten as is, or served with a delicious dip, preserve or cheese.


INGREDIENTS: Whole wheat flour, Barnyard millet flour, Kodo millet flour, Foxtail millet flour, Finger millet flour, Small millet flour, Almond meal, Butter, Yogurt, Milk, Minced onion dried, Salt

  • No Harmful Preservatives
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • No Refined Sugar
  • Great Taste