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Organic Muskmelon

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Organic Musk Melon is available for shipping only in Bangalore. Pre Order Only,  kindly allow 2-3 days for delivery in Bangalore.

Description: Delicious and juicy, this summer fruit is also known as a Sweet Melon. It is characterized by a sweet and musky aroma with yellow-colored flesh. Musk Melons have high water content, making them hydrating and refreshing.

  • Locally and Sustainably Grown
  • Farm to Table
  • Chemical Free
  • Organic

How to Use:  Eat the fruit as-is or add them in salads, add them to shakes or make a delicious Musk Melon pudding.

How to Store: Best consumed within 2-3 days. Cut and store it under refrigeration for up to 2 weeks.

Available Size:  1 piece

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