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Classic Basil Pesto - Freshly Made

Living Food Company

Rs. 370.00


A true Italian Classic! A premium handcrafted Pesto with fresh Basil, Pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, blended to perfection with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The aromatic flavours of basil and the earthy, nutty taste of pine nuts, are enhanced with the creamy smoothness of parmesan cheese for a delightful flavour!

Freshly made with no additives, no preservatives.

How to Use: Use it as it is as a pasta sauce, sandwich spread, dip or in salad dressings.  

Weight: 175 grams

Storage: Store it in refrigerator at all times. Consume within 15 days

*Contains Dairy and Nuts. *Please note we make everything on order & take upto 2 days for all deliveries.