Clover Microgreens

Clover Microgreens

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Mild flavour, extremely tender, big time nutrition (especially for women). It produces a beautiful green leaf which is a lighter green and crunch, mild, cool and refreshingIt is the base for most of the leafy sprout mixes. Great in sandwiches, salads, or as a salad by itself!



Calories: 19  |  Dietary fibers: 4.1g  |  Vitamin A: 188%  |  Vitamin C: 164%

Calcium: 144mg  |  Proteins: 5.2g  |  Iron: 4.4mg  |  Magnesium: 103.4mg


One box contains 60-80 gms of Clover Microgreens

As always, no GMOs, no pesticides, no herbicides

All Plant Pads are biodegradable and compostable

Note: All orders (Except for subscriptions) will take 7-12 days for delivery since we plant them for you as and when you place the order. This is to ensure that our relationship with you is sustainable and doesn’t lead to food wastage.