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Gourmet Six Pepper Medley - Premium Mixed Peppers

Living Food Company

Rs. 699.00

Single-Origin whole six peppers, bottled for an exquisite flavour bomb. Featuring, in this symphony of flavours, is a host of different peppers – Black, White, Green, Pink, Sichuan and Cubeb peppercorns.

'Black pepper’ for its bold pungency that complements the mild heat of the ‘White pepper’. ‘Green pepper’ introduces an aromatic bite, while ‘Pink pepper’, lends a unique ‘potpourri’ fragrance and fruity taste. ‘Sichuan pepper’ adds its tongue-tingling lavender note, all rounded off by the exotic and full-bodied ‘Cubeb peppercorn’.

How to Use: This exotic mix can be used as a seasoning ingredient while cooking or as garnishing for a final finish.Add the freshly ground pepper medley to any dish and enhance the flavours to a new level

Ingredients: Premium Black Pepper, White Pepper, Green Pepper, Pink Pepper & Cubeb Pepper

Weight: 85 grams