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Holi Celebration Gift Box (Vegan)

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A colourful box for a colourful holi!  Celebrate the festival of colours, love, laughter and spring in style with our specially curated Holi Celebration Gift Box.

Our tribute to the diversity and richness of Indian culinary heritage, this box contains handpicked and delectable sweets & savouries from different regions of the country.

What's better? Its plant-based, vegan, has sugar-free options and is full of homely goodness for a guilt-free indulgence.

Get one for yourself and the ones you love for a fun celebration.

The Box Serves 4-6 people and contains:

1. Vegan Gujiya (220 grams) - A crescent shaped Indian sweet with an aromatic filling of dry fruits. Popular in Northern India, it is a Holi speciality and a must try! Our special Gujiya is Vegan and plant-based. A true winner.

2. Namak Para & Gud Para (175 grams) - This twin pack contains buttery, crumbly Namak Paara and the delicate, silky Gud Paara.

The Namak Para is a savoury, flaky delicacy and the Gud para is it's sweet cousin made with jaggery and seasoned with fennel. Pair it with a cup of hot steaming tea.

3. Assorted Colourful Vegan Mysore Pak (Original, Carrot and Beetroot flavours - 430 grams) - Our signature Holi themed colourful Mysore Pak comes in three assorted flavours, Original, Carrot and Beetroot.

Soft and with a melt-in-your-mouth character, they are made with
coconut milk, jaggery along with fresh carrot puree and real beetroot juice for a guilt-free indulgence.

4. Assorted pack of Mathi - Methi & Masala Flavour (250 grams): Mathis are a popular homely savoury snack, best enjoyed with hot tea or coffee. These are specially homemade with a lovely fenugreek and masala flavour.

5. Thandai Paste - Ready to Mix (175 grams*2): A
traditional, authentic paste made using aromatic spices and dry fruits like Almonds, Khus Khus, Melon Seeds, Black Pepper, Fennel Seeds, Cardamom, Gulkand, Sugar, and Saffron.

Just take 2-3 tablespoons of the Thandai mix, add it to 200ml chilled milk of your choice. Blend and Enjoy! Perfect for Vegans and Non Vegans alike.

Store it in the fridge and it will last upto 3 weeks.

6. Vegan Kaju Katli & Rose Barfi / Dilkhush (280 grams): A sweet for all seasons, you have got to try this Vegan and Sugar-Free Variant of Kaju Katli, made with premium cashews and jaggery.

Rose Barfi, also known as Dilkhush because that's exactly how your heart feels after eating this sweet. A scintillating combination of almonds, cashews, and natural rose petals made purely using vegan ghee.

7. Cashew Mixture & Poha Mixture (200 grams): Crispy, crunchy and savoury delights! Made with the goodness of Cashews, Poha, peanuts, and flavoured with curry leaves & chillies, for a distinct homemade taste.