Freshly Ground Medium Roast Coffee Kalledeverapura Estate
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Freshly Ground Medium Roast Coffee Kalledeverapura Estate

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Description: All-time favorite pulp sun-dried coffee from Kalledeverapura Estate is back! This year’s harvest from Kalledeverapura has a medium body and a light, tea-like mouthfeel which roasters recommend enjoying as an espresso, Cold Brew, Pour Over or AeroPress. With notes of brown sugar, roasted almond, and raisin, this coffee is perfect to start your day with!

Please choose your grind size based on the coffee machine you prefer.

We ship freshly ground coffee on order, so kindly allow 1-2 days to dispatch your order. 

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Roasted Almond + Raisin

Roast Level: Medium

How to use: We recommend Channi Grind.

Weight: 250 grams

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