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Organic Caperberries - In Brine

Living Food Company

Rs. 350.00

The delicious fruit of the Caper Plant - these Caperberries are an absolute flavour bomb! Freshly picked and bottled, these delicious, crunchy Caperberries are the perfect ingredient to bring out a complex flavor that is salty-sour. Used as pickles or simply as a quick nosh alongside antipasti, caper berries are the wow ingredient you need to elevate your recipes.

Picked and packaged fresh from a 100% Sustainable and Organic Farm for amazing purity and flavour.

How to Use: Caperberries are milder in flavor than capers and are perfect addition to pasta, on top of a pizza, in appetizers or in salads.  Just slice and use to enhance the flavour of any dish.

Weight: 190 grams