Organic Knol Khol (German Turnip)
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Organic Knol Khol (German Turnip)

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Mild and sweet knol knol or German turnip has texture similar to broccoli or cabbage.They are rich in digestive fibres, which keeps you full for longer hours. The stems and leaves could be used as salad greens. They are a good source of calcium and manganese which ensures strong bones, and high in digestive fibres for a happy and healthy gut.

We harvest our produce to order for maximum nutrition, freshness and flavour! Thank you for supporting Sustainable Agriculture.

How to Use:  Roast them with mild spices and top it with cheese, add roasted kohlrabi to noodles, salads, stir-fires or grilled them with Italian herbs. Add them to curries and poriyals.

  • Farm to Fork
  • Organic
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Weight: 250 grams, 500 gm