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Pepper Rasam Podi - Freshly Ground

Living Food Company

Rs. 190.00

Freshly ground Rasam Powder for making Pepper Rasam, a heart-warming, delicious soup preparation from Southern India. It has a distinct sour, peppery and chilly taste that makes it a true repository of flavours.

Freshly made using a traditonal, heirloom recipe and for a distinct homemade taste.

Enjoy the Rasam along with rice or savour it after a meal.

How to Use:  Pepper Rasam Podi: 1 Tbsp
- Tamarind: 1 small lime size piece (15 gms)
- Garlic: 4 cloves crushed
- Water: 2 1/2 cups
- Freshly chopped coriander (optional)
- Curry leaves: 1 sprig
- Mustard Seeds: For garnish

Mix all ingredients, set aside for 10 minutes. Heat the mixture till bubbles form around the vessel. Do not boil. Remove from the stove and garnish with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coriander.

Serve with hot rice, ghee & the Original Murukku to add a crunch!

Ingredients: Black Pepper, Coriander Powder, Toor dal (Yellow lentil), Cumin seeds (Jeera), Red chillies, Salt, Turmeric Powder.

Storage: Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 months. Tastes best when fresh.

Weight: 125 grams

Made By: Shanti's Kitchen