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Vegan Spicy Naagin Cheese (Pre-Order)

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Loaded with flavour, it has mild notes of spices which pairs exceptionally with the sourness and saltiness of the cheese.

Made with Naagin Bhoot Jolokia sauce which is an extra spicy smoky hot sauce for anyone who loves Umami flavour. 

The spicy and strong flavors of the sauce are toned down by the creamy and buttery tastes of the cheese.

How to Use : Slice and melt for the perfect chilli cheese toast made from sourdough breads. Also goes well with sautéed vegetables. 

IngredientsWater, coconut oil, cashews, potato starch, corn starch, carrageenan, naagin bhoot sauce, salt, vegan flavours, annatto, lactic acid, guar gum




Weight : 200 grams

Storage : Keep refrigerated but do not freeze

Shelf Life : 3 months from date of mfg