Artisanal Sundried Tomato & Jalapeno Cheese Wheel (Vegan)
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Artisanal Sundried Tomato & Jalapeno Cheese Wheel (Vegan)

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Creamy cheese paired with sundried tomato adds an intense sweet-tart flavour. The tomatoes are ripened naturally and sun-dried for the perfect texture. The jalapenos give it a mild intensity.

Perfect for grating, slicing, melting or shaving in your salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas and more!

How to use : It goes well with red sauce pasta and can also be shredded on the salads. 


Lactose Free

Dairy Free

Cholesterol Free

Preservative Free

Ingredients : Organic cashews, filtered water, Himalayan pink salt, organic sundried tomatoes, jalapeños

Storage : Keep dry and refrigerated 

Shelf Life : 2 weeks from date of manufacture 

Weight : 150 grams

Allergen Warning : Contains nuts