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Vegan Amazonian Pink Pepper Chocolate - 64% Mild Dark

Living Food Company

Rs. 250.00

Fine Flavour Chocolate enriched with the fruity and mildly spicy flavour of Amazonian Pink Pepper, sourced directly from farmers. Deliciously Crunchy and an absolute treat!

Featuring subtle raisiny notes, Amazonian Pink Pepper with all-natural premium ingredients for exquisite flavour & taste.

Made with the goodness of premium Cocoa beans that are locally sourced from farmers in the Western Ghats. A true Farm to Bar Chocolate with pure cocoa butter. 

Does not contain Refined White Sugar or any artificial ingredients. 100% Dairy Free.

Ingredients: Fine Flavour Cocoa Beans, Muscovado Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Amazonian Pink Pepper, Sunflower Lecithin.

Weight: 68 Grams

Storage: Store in the refrigerator. Best before 365 days from Manufacture.

Made by: Paul  & Mike